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Spring 2021 Events

Virtual Origami Night

Our first social of the semester was a fun origami night! Kevin (Technology) and Jocelyn (Internal) taught members how to fold a butterfly and a crane! 

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Members' creativity and speed were put to the test as they competed to find wacky items in their homes/dorms!

Virtual Trivia Night

Members put their finance and general knowledge to the test during a fun trivia night social!

In-person Bubble Tea

Members met up in Collegetown to grab some bubble tea and chatted by CTB. So nice seeing everyone!

Picnic on the slope

Members met on Libe Slope for a sunset picnic!

Photoshoot Social

Members met up to spend time together and take snazzy pictures!

Stock pitches

Watch the new member stock pitches from Spring 2021!

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