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G-body Schedule

DOTS Spring 22 Policy

Meeting 1

Mar. 8, 2021

In our first G-Body Meeting, we did some fun icebreakers and covered D&I Training. Returning and new members got to meet each other through breakout rooms and there were great conversations about diversity. Feel free to revisit!

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Meeting 2

Mar. 20, 2021

In our second G-Body Meeting, we covered a behavioral interview workshop as well as a brief PowerPoint Bootcamp. Please reference the slides for extra information on both!

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Meeting 3

Mar. 27, 2021

In our third G-Body Meeting, we hosted a Senior Banking Panel and covered essential recruitment topics. New members were able to ask questions to current seniors about their banking internships and what they anticipate as incoming full-time analysts. 

Meeting 4

April 3, 2021

In our fourth G-Body Meeting, we hosted guest speaker Byron Lee from Bain to speak about the consulting industry. New members were able to ask questions to Byron about his experience in consulting.

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Meeting 5

April 17, 2021

In our fifth G-Body Meeting, we hosted an interview workshop covering behavioral and technical questions. Members were able to learn more about how to approach interviews and frame their answers. 

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